Shamefully, I haven’t heard the Arkansas sludge giants Rwake until fairly recently, despite their last album Voices of Omens being released a good four years ago. I’m a lazy dick, and these things happen. You can consider this rectified, and if you haven’t heard Voices of Omens yet, you hop on that right this second. Brilliant album, for sure!

It’s always fun getting into a band just as they’re about to release new music, isn’t it?! The excitement of a new album during that honeymoon phase is pretty awesome. So imagine my giddiness when I found out Rwake will be coming out with a new record Rest not long after I’ve been spinning Voices of Omens. There’s not all that much to say about it at the moment, other than the new album cover looks pretty cool (above) and it is available for pre-order, due out September 27th on Relapse Records.

– JR


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