Well that’s a twist I wasn’t expecting. After parting ways with dual vocalists Neema Askari and Greg Pope many people were left wondering who, if anyone, could fill their space and as our very own Disinformaysia pointed out — this is the exact problem that killed off one of the best British bands of the last decade, Sikth. Needless to say I was a little worried about what would happen to one of my most anticipated albums of 2011, so I was extremely happy to see this Facebook update:

Hey guys, we have some news for you! Firstly, our music video for ‘Memoirs’ is edited and pretty much ready to release! Secondly, we’ll be releasing our debut album with an array of guest vocalists, we’ll have some more details shortly, but it’ll definitely be ridonkulous! Let us know who you want to hear in the comments! – Mike

Guest vocalists? I have to say I agree with the commentors in that the first names that come to mind are Dan Tompkins of Tesseract, Mikee Goodman and Justin Hill of Sikth and Spencer Sotelo of Periphery. Any or all of those would be a pretty damn awesome in my eyes but, to be honest, from what I’ve heard on the music side of things it should be good anyway. Personally, I wouldn’t have minded if they’d just upped and gone instrumental. So, wild speculation time, who would you love to hear on the new Monuments record?

– DL


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