Well, yep. There it is.

I’m liking the speed at which we’re getting updates for this, especially with the slow summer we’re having. I also really like this artwork; it’s big bold, and somewhat strange. Crack The Syke‘s cover was awesome, but this is a definite statement of intent, as this record is meant to be a Leviathan for 2011.

As reported the other week, we’ve got a bunch of tracks named too:

The Octopus Has No Friends
Curl Of The Burl”
All The Heavy Lifting
The Sparrow
The Ruiner
Dry Bone Valley

Getting that unmistakable Mastodon feeling for sure. The Hunter cannot come soon enough for me! For anyone lucky enough to be attending Sonisphere, you’ll be able to catch them playing the Apollo stage on Sunday. Maybe they’ll play some new material? I swear if they do and no-one records it, I’ll cut off every single one of your balls people. That includes the girls.

– CG


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