If Heavy Blog is on your daily routine of websites to visit, you probably already know we aren’t very fond of deathcore. We tend to rip those bands to shreds and for good reason: it’s generally lifeless, processed bullshit. But there’s one band a few of us here love and that’s The Acacia Strain. Perhaps it’s Vincent’s monolithic vocals, the giant sound or their general atmosphere evoking complete destruction. I can’t put my finger on it. I should theoretically hate them, but it’s the exact opposite. Wormwood only further proved this strange double standard, although at first I was very disappointed in the album. It felt a lot more generic, especially with them jumping on the 8-string bandwagon. Now, though, I love it. Perhaps more than Continent.

So here we are with the music video for “The Impaler” and much like my original Wormwood impression, I’m disappointed. They abandoned the humor found in their previous videos for something that seems more… plain. It’s not bad by any means, but I was hoping for another joke video. Check it out here:


You can catch The Acacia Strain on Warped Tour, but I’d call you fucking nuts for going to it. So many horrible bands it hurts.


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