Back when I first heard about T.R.A.M., I was like, “Wait, why didn’t they just get sax player Adrian Tarrazas (of The Mars Volta) to join Animals as Leaders instead of creating a new band?!” Well now it makes perfect sense; definitely does not play Animals As Leaders style music at all. The music is rooted in more jazz-fusion, as was expected. It’s certainly not metal, which is actually a relief; I mean, no need for two bands that sound exactly the same save for the sax, am I right? This debut track “Endeavor” is an alright song, but I’m not sure how I feel about the music itself. On the first few listens, it just seems like sloppily traded guitar and sax solos to me, with very little going for it in composition. Maybe I’m not picking up on some nuances—the track isn’t mastered and I haven’t listened through headphones—but I’m going to save my load for the new Animals as Leaders. But hey, you might dig it. Give that a listen below.


T.R.A.M.’s debut album Lingua Franca is due out some point this year on Sumerian Records.

– JR

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