It was reported a couple of weeks ago around various sites that Behemoth had practised together for the first time since iconic frontman Nergal underwent a bone marrow transplant last year, following diagnosis with leaukemia. Well, some footage has been released of that and the sessions since, which are in preparation for a number of Polish shows this October.

“It’s been two weeks since we began rehearsing for tour. Things are going very smoothly and the chemistry is definitely back! We feel very much refreshed.

But what excites me the most is the fact that we’ve already started jamming out NEW song. Crazy, ain’t it? I’m super stoked. It sounds so fuckin’ sinister, I can’t even describe it…Fast, furious, but more evil in a way. Stay tuned, more info will follow!”


Great to see such a seminal band back on track, and that Nergal seems to be doing okay. Hail Satan!

Additionally, keep an eye out for some rumoured US and European shows in the not too distant future…

– CG

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