Occasionally, our hectic lives let up enough that we’ll sit and actually pay proper attention to our inbox, rather than skimming wistfully over the press releases and Twitter notifications. On this particular rainy afternoon in London we were e-mailed by Romanian reader Cristian. Now, we tend to try and listen to what you guys say, because your recommendations aren’t motivated by money or self-promotion.

I was therefore pleased to hear his recommendation, fellow countrymen Cap De Crainu, upheld this notion. Formed, in their own words, “1st February 2007 in the shit town Bucharest”, the four-piece play pretty gnarly-sounding death metal, and this month released an awesome self-produced video for their track “I’ll Kill If I Live“. Check it out:


Cool, no? I’ll admit the car indicator sound towards the end threw me off, but was actually a clock apparently. Doh!

Anyway, they’ve got an EP called First E.P. For a Surgery, which is pretty old at this point, but I’m certainly inclined to check it out if this is a measure of the quality of the rest of their work.

– CG


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