We Ask You: What Are Your Favorite Breakdowns?

After Jimmy asked you readers a tough question last week, I thought I’d ask an even tougher one on this day of freedom and tomfoolery:  what are your favorite breakdowns?

The breakdown is a simple concept to grasp, but difficult to use it to good effect to a song.  No, we aren’t talking about the herp-derp breakdowns every deathcore band and they’re dogs do, we’re talking breakdowns that are crucial to the development and fullness of a piece.  My all time favorite breakdown is:

Elitist – Caves (2:24 – 2:37)


This breakdown is very unique.  The whole breakdown is accompanied by an arpeggiated chord, giving the breakdown the element of size.  Also, the rhythmic structure in these eight bars is complex.  The first bar goes through relative unassuming, thinking it’s another one of those standard breakdowns, but the second bar comes in with a rather unique rhythm, throwing a triplet in on beat 3, while not ending the bar with another triplet.  Instead, it throws straight sixteenths at you, while removing the 3 note in the sixteenth.  This gives the illusion that it is in an odd time signature – but it is actually all in straight 4/4.  It’s really that bar that makes it for me.  The guitarist do some neat breakdown riffing by throwing bends in the mix to give it added originality.  The drummer perfectly accompanies the band with machine-like precision.  The band does a great job at using triplets to change the feel of the breakdown. A lot of technical jargon there, but in short it’s just plain fun to hear and to comprehend what is going on, and it’s just full of energy.

So yeah, hit me with your favorite breakdowns, and after the jump, I have a few more for you.

– GR

The Human Abstract – Digital Veil (0:00 – 0:24, 2:36 – 3:28)


Between the Buried and Me – White Walls (9:49 – 10:07)


The Contortionist – Contact (1:45 – 1:58)


Veil of Maya – It’s Not Safe to Swim Today (0:47 – 1:03)


Tool – Jambi (3:59 – 4:13)


August Burns Red – Back Burner (0:19 – 0:52, 2:05 – 2:30, 2:57 – 3:43)


The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza – Passenger 57 (0:00 – 0:29)



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