Today is Independence Day in America, and despite my brilliant idea of locking out British editor Chris (Disinformasiya), I decided that someone’s gotta run the show if I decide to blow some stuff up – and besides, he already had three posts scheduled by the time I drafted this morning’s post, so it would have been pointless, as he did all of his work during the weekend instead of the night before like I did. Anyway, posting will be semi-sporadic, but you’re supposed to be outside getting drunk and burning British flags in a well-ventilated area, so what do you care?

This week’s new releases are as follows:

Draconian – A Rose For The Apocalypse (Napalm)
Exhumed – All Guts, No Glory (Relapse)
Hands – Give Me Rest (Facedown)
Harm’s Way – Isolation (Closed Casket)
Hundredth – Let Go (Mediaskare)
Intensus – Intensus (Metal Blade) [REVIEW!]
Murder Death Kill – Instigate Infiltrate Annihilate (Mediaskare)
My Epic – Broken Voice (Facedown)
Shadowside – Inner Monster Out (SHP)
Stream Of Passion – Darker Days (Napalm)
Unearth – Darkness In The Light (Metal Blade) [REVIEW!]
Whitehorse – Progression (At A Loss)

Have a great 4th to all the Americans out there, and a belated happy Canada Day to our neighbors to the north. Way to piggyback on our holiday, guys.

– JR


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