We are really fucking good to you. All right, so you’re our favourite child (yes, I’m looking at you), but if we’re not careful you’re going to grow into the kind of wanker who sprays £120,000 bottles of champagne about like…well, a wanker.

This week we’ve got two Visions goodie bags to give away, including a t-shirt, stickers, and a signed copy of their new album Home, which is out on July 18th through Basick Records. Here’s what you have to do to get your hands on the swag:

Tag Visions in a Facebook status (you’ll have to ‘like’ their page here first) with the phrase “If I had super-vision, I’d have…” and answer the following question as creatively as possible:

If you had a kind of super-vision, what would it be, and for what would you use it?

You know, like heat vision to cook your burrito faster, or micro vision so you can see your own penis; something like that!

The results will be judged by the boys in the band, and we’ll announce the winner here at the same time next week. The deadline for entries is midnight EST on Sunday 10th July.

Check out their recently released FREE to download track “Attentive; Reverie“, and catch my review of the album later today!


Now get to it!

– CG


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