Things are gearing up for the release of *shels sophomore album Plains of the Purple Buffalo later this month, and to tide you over until July 11th, you can stream and purchase the debut ingle from the album, “Butterflies (On Luci’s Way)”.

It’s a pretty track, so perhaps not for some of you, but it showcases what *shels can do in their softer moments. As with most of the album (for which we’ll have a review soon), it still gets pretty epic – it is nine minutes after all, so you’re getting a lot for your $3 (as well as two alternate versions).

I’d still recommend the whole album anyway – *shels are a wicked bunch of guys, and I hope there’s a lot more to come out of them after this release.

Plains of the Purple Buffalo is out July 11th through shelsmusic.

– CG

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