Adam Fisher of Fear Before (formerly Fear Before The March Of Flames [ consistency be damned]) has made a series of announcements through the band’s Facebook page regarding the state of affairs in the Fear Before camp. Essentially, if you’re waiting for a new record from them: don’t.

[Edited for grammar because it bugs the hell out of me… -Ed.]

“Guys. I’m sorry if you have been left with the feeling that we (Fear Before The March Of Flames) have been leading you on making you think were working on music. We are not. As of april 2010, Goose, David, Mike and I have not been in the same room together with our instruments.”

“However, until april 2010 I had written quite a few songs for a new Fear Before The March Of Flames record with the help of Goose. Whether or not we will ever release another record is up in the air right now. There is no immediate plan to write/record/ or tour. This has nothing to do with ORBSLoomAll Human, or any other project Goose or I may be a part of. It’s just the way things went.”

“2009 took a very weird turn for us and it kinda left all of us collectively and individually wondering what the hell we were doing. I truly am sorry to everyone who is anxiously awaiting a new record from us. I’m not saying it will never happen, I just cant say that it will.”

“We appreciate all you as friends and fans have allowed us to do and the second there is any development in fear before world you will be the first to know. Please feel free to voice your opinion on the matter and I will respond. Just know I truly hate bumming any of you out. It truly wasn’t my or our intent for it to come to this.”

“As far as All Human goes, that is where I will be directing my creative energy for the time being. I hope you guys will enjoy that for what it is. It’s not a side project or something to keep me busy until something else comes along. It is the music i feel like making and sharing for right now. Love you guys. thank you for your support.”

“Friends. Do not mistake my previous post for a break up announcement. It was an update letting you know that we are currently inactive and there is no forthcoming record from us as of now. I cannot say what the future holds. Adam.”

So essentially, if you want to hear any new music from these chaps, then get used to the names ORBS, Loom and All Human. This is definitely something I can get behind; ORBS’ debut album Asleep next To Science, with Dan Briggs of Between the Buried and Me, was one of my favourite records from last year, and we’ve been banging on about Loom ever since this site started.

I never have much hope for these ‘indefinite hiatus’ malarkies, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

– CG

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