As with most of the breaking news we come across in which I jump to conclusions, I was perusing through Facebook and seeking out points of interest because—let’s face it—news is slow as shit recently. I came across this picture of a sampler CD from Sumerian Records that will be handed out at this year’s Warped Tour. Among the tracklist of known Sumerian signees, one band stuck out as one that I had never heard of before — French deathcore group Betraying the Martyrs. I can only assume that this means that the band has signed to Sumerian for US distribution. [Update: Last night, Sumerian’s Facebook also made this post, which pretty much confirms it. I didn’t feel like re-doing the whole post, but rest assured I was in total sleuth mode in my mind when I originally wrote this. – Ed.]

I gave the band a listen, and I must say that they aren’t bad at all. As with most Sumerian -core bands, there’s a touch of prog influence. The clean vocals and self-proclaimed Christian influence will without a doubt turn some people off; I can hear your groans through my computer speakers right now, in fact. Nevertheless, I dig their sound; They’re like a much heavier Born of Osiris—keys and all—with the odd clean vocal passage. Right up the alley of any Sumerian Records fan. Below, you can check out a song from their upcoming debut album Breathe in Life, “Martyrs.”


There hasn’t been an official announcement yet, so I haven’t a clue about any of their North American dealings, but their debut album will probably be out in North America this September to coincide with their European release on Listenable Records. Keep an eye out if you’re interested. After the jump, an album teaser featuring studio footage!

– JR



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