On first glance at this quartet you can probably tell these guys aren’t metal. And, well, you’re right! We here at the blog don’t only treat our ears to the dissonant and abrasive. In fact, I ran a short-lived column on electronic music a few months ago (I’ll make more posts soon I promise). Many of us span multiple genres so it’s safe to say we’re open minded dudes. Which brings me to the four guys above. Special Others are a mostly-instrumental jazz/post-rock outfit from Japan. Last.FM’s description calls them a ‘jam rock’ band, which I think is just as fitting. Many of their songs have groove-laden jazz melodies and bright harmonics a la Minus the Bear. This is admittedly not a genre I delve into very often so if this comparison is downright wrong then you know why! They’re just the first band that comes to mind. Anyway, throw in some cool time signatures and tempo changes and you’ve got Special Others. I think their greatest strength is their ability to be memorable, something you don’t see very often in instrumental music. Much of their music has catchy sections that repeat multiple times so naturally I’m all over it. The strangest thing, though, is I absolutely love this music (despite only discovering it last night) yet I can’t get into jazz metal. Weird, eh?

But I digress. Special Others deliver relaxing and chilled tunes to me in a form that isn’t electronic. It’s perfect music to listen to when you don’t want something loud and intrusive. They really have an aura of serenity surrounding their material.

Check out the track “Wait For The Sun” off their latest album The Guide:


The ‘chorus’ melody gets me every time. Their badass facial hair is just as good, too. Unfortunately, it’s the music video version of the song so its been trimmed of about three and a half minutes. The full version is much better so definitely check it out if you can!

These are guys I recommend to everyone looking for something a bit more laid back. I’m no connoisseur of this stuff so feel free to take my opinion with a grain of salt! As for what album to check out, I would start with their latest The Guide. I haven’t had enough time to sink my teeth into their entire discography, nor form a complete opinion on what I have heard, but the song above is my favorite so far and it’s on that album.

Lemme know what you guys think and feel free to suggest some similar stuff as well!

– MK

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