I have to be honest — I’ve never really gotten into Dream Theater. I enjoy some of the musical ideas, but there’s something about James LaBrie’s vocals that I don’t like. Having given their new song “On The Backs Of Angels” a listen, I don’t have much of an opinion on it. I mean, it’s certainly Dream Theater and all that, but it’s not like some sort of monumental unveiling.

I would talk more about it, but I’m so off-put by the fact that the band and/or their management and label shooting themselves in the foot and disabled embedding of the YouTube video that I’m actually sort of annoyed at them right now. What gives? It’s 2011 and you guys are so stingy with your new song that people HAVE to go to YouTube to watch it? That only limits your audience. If I didn’t feel obligated to listen to it, I know I would have scrolled right past it on my Facebook wall once I noticed I had to go somewhere else to watch it.

Whatever. If you like Dream Theater, you’ll probably adore this new one. Their new album A Dramatic Turn of Events—the first without founding member Mike Portnoy—will be out September 13th on Roadrunner Records.

– JR


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