In case you don’t remember who Ascariasis are, go back and check the previous post I made about the band. Go on; I’ll be waiting. Still don’t Google the name though…

So, now that you’ve whetted your appetite, you can listen to their new song “Torchbearer” here, exclusively on Heavy Blog! Stream and download it via the Soundcloud player below.


Just like their previous track “Against the Tempest,” this one is a quite heavy and progressive. The drumming is snappy, and the solos are catchy and quite melodic. These guys remind me of Destinity, another criminally underrated band (I sense an Obscure Gems post coming). The song also has a The Faceless feel to it, almost like it’s something you’d hear off of Akeldama. Dudes may look incredibly young, but they have immense talent.

Personally, I quite enjoy the mixture of styles and genres Ascariasis employ, and I hope we will hear more material from them in the near future. We still don’t have concrete details as to when they will release an entire album, but these two tracks should hold you on for a while and we’ll keep you updated. If you enjoy the track, check out the band on Facebook and Bandcamp.

– N.


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