Decapitated‘s astounding and much anticipated comeback record Carnival is Forever—which Damien gave a glowing 5/5—is only a few weeks away, and you’re finally getting a big taste of what’s to come, as Guitar World have debuted a new track, “Homo Sum,” along with an interview with guitarist and songwriter Vogg. Here’s a cut from the interview:

We’re premiering the song “Homo Sum” on Talk a little about the inspiration behind that song.

I think it’s a pure Decapitated-style song. It’s full of energy; a fast and intense piece of metal. What is interesting is that in the middle part, this song’s music changes to a more progressive part and the guitar, together with the drums, plays kind of a very atmospheric solo. I love to play this track.

“Homo Sum” is killer track, and certainly an album highlight. You can listen to the song below.


Carnival is Forever is due out July 15th on Nuclear Blast records!

– JR


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