Featuring Brann Dailor as a rather creepy Mr. Rogers with earrings, this brand new video for the track “Deathbound” from Mastodon is apparently a B-side from the Crack the Skye sessions, and serves pretty well to tide us over until the release of their forthcoming album The Hunter.


It’s…well, odd – but given Brent’s recent comical foray into advertising, hardly surprising. They don’t take themselves too seriously, which is pretty cool.

On the subject of Mastodon, and more specifically The Hunter, track titles have been trickling (trackling?) through lately. It was hardly news-worthy every time, but as we’ve got something for you anyway, it’s worth summing up I think. So far we’ve got:

The Octopus Has No Friends
Curl Of The Burl”
All The Heavy Lifting
The Sparrow
The Ruiner
Dry Bone Valley

Given that Crack the Skye was only seven tracks long, that could very well be it, although I reckon there’s probably a couple more to come at least. More when we have it!

– CG


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