Hey folks! Good morning! There’s not a lot being released this week, so I didn’t bother making a fancy header graphic. the few we do have seems pretty big though!

Animals as Leaders – Animals as Leaders [Vinyl] (Prosthetic)
Circles – The Compass (Basick Records)
Evan Brewer – Alone (Sumerian) [REVIEW]
The Francesco Artusato Project – Chaos And The Primordial (Sumerian)
Isis – Isis Live III 12.17.04 (Digital) (Ipecac)
Limp Bizkit – Gold Cobra (Interscope) [REVIEW]
Queensryche – Dedicated To Chaos (Roadrunner)
Rival Sons – Pressure & Time (Earache)

Right on. Have a good week, everyone!

– JR

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