I’ve literally been waiting months for this news, but finally it has come to pass: White Arms Of Athena, possibly my Favourite Band Ever Of All Time This Year, have announced that they have inked a deal with Prosthetic Records to release their debut LP Astrodrama.

I’ve been wondering for ages who it might be, and I’m very happy to find Prosthetic on the receiving end of their signature. With bands such as Animals As Leaders, Skeletonwitch, Gojira, Scale The Summit and Trap Them also on the roster, I’m sure they’ll get the help they need to become as big as these bands – and they deserve to be.


I’ve been sitting on my review for a while now, and it’ll be a little while before you see it, but sufficed to say it’s glowing. We’ve also got an interview with bassist Thomas Sifuentes coming your way soon.

Astrodrama will be out August 16th! EXCITE.

– CG

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