You know that we here at Heavy Blog—for the most part, anyway—adore ambient music as a counter-balance to the mind-numbingly abrasive music we subject ourselves to, and since our numero uno genre is basically at a stall when it comes to big news this week, I figured I’d take a moment to explore a new finding in the realm of ambient music.

I’ve recently discovered Chicago, IL native Benn Jordan’s The Flashbulb and his special blend of glitch, IDM, and post-rock. I’ve been spinning the album Arboreal, and I’ve got to say that it is really quite breathtaking at times, sounding almost like a more dense, upbeat, and optimistic version of Nine Inch Nails Ghosts records at times. There are also hints of jazz throughout, which is certainly a nice touch. These lush soundscapes are both beautiful and interesting, and you can listen to Arboreal via the Bandcamp player below.

It’s like we get softer by the week. Don’t worry, we’ll feed you more heavier bits of music once the news starts to come back in! In the mean time, enjoy.

– JR


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