There is no news, ever, at all this week. Monday was a flying start, but we’ve been a bit lacking in content this week – I’m assuming because everyone received their copies of Deconstruction/Ghost in the mail and have just been sitting staring at their speakers, much like we did when we first got them.

Us when we first heard Deconstruction

So, rather than scrabble around for sub-par content, like talking about Five Finger Death Punch‘s new bassist, about whom nobody really cares, or posting yet another scrap of non-news about August Burns Red‘s new album (like the four songs we’ve heard weren’t enough of a trailer), we’ve decided to run with our theme this week and present something awesome we found.

You’ve no doubt seen the contest we’re running, based around our love of Edgar Allen Poe (and the contest’s benefactors The Matador too, of course), and it gave me a damn fine hankerin’ to hear his poem “The Raven” (which is totally NOT one of the answers, honest…) read aloud. Off I trotted to YouTube, but my first find wasn’t what I was after (and there is a version with the awesome Christopher Walken reading it); it was this:


It’s a short film of the same name – and is well scripted, well shot, and the stunts are freaking awesome. I saw some talk about turning it into a feature, but for now go and give them some encouragement!

Tangent over. Stick around for day four of the contest in about an hour!

– CG

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