Brüs in blogging Metal Injection and Metalsucks picked up on this a bit earlier, so I don’t know how much there is to add in terms of rage at how dumb this is, but in the void of anything else interesting to post at the moment, you’re getting your say to us as well.

Apparently Daniel Tosh is some sort of comedian and has a show that is for some reason called Tosh.0. Apparently last year he was beating The Daily Show on average ratings, which if you look at the level of humour in this, is absolutely gobsmacking.

Now, I’m not saying these kids don’t suck, because they do, but they’re kids. Give them time, a few more years of music lessons, and wait for them to realise that they do in fact need a guitarist (or that they should become a sweet tech-bass band), and maybe they’ll suck less. Or give up.

It’s plainly obvious how cheap a shot this is, but what’s most annoying is how most people won’t know what utter horseshit this is – they’ll just laugh at the third-rate comedy and continue to think we’re all weird. Which we are. But not in that way.


[If you’re like me and couldn’t view the video embedded, find it here.]

– CG


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