Music discovery time, folks! Gather ’round!

New York based So Hideous, My Love are a unique blend of blackened hardcore with a touch of post-rock and classical flair, which makes for some truly cathartic music. Emotion pours out of every note as furious tremolo picking and string instruments paint somber bursts of melody under throaty and passionate screams and blasts. The band’s latest EP To Clasp A Fallen Wish With Broken Fingers is my personal introduction to the group, and it’s quite the first impression.

Unlike their contemporaries in this fringe post-black genre, SHML don’t like to meander; the EP’s four tracks are all short and concise by genre standards, with no track crossing the five minute mark. Somehow, SHML still manage to say a lot in the EP’s 16-minute runtime. Listen to it in its entirety below, and click through to Bandcamp to purchase.

Limited edition vinyl is available now at this location, which I will certainly be picking up shortly. Be sure to keep an eye on this band!

– JR

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