Everyone’s favorite Italian tech death metallers Fleshgod Apocalypse have announced that their much anticipated sophomore album Agony will be due out August 9th on Nuclear Blast.

The album art is on par for the course for Fleshgod, utilizing the talents of Marco Hasmann, who has been doing their artwork since their debut, Oracles. Here’s a statement from the band that explains the cover’s imagery:

“The album cover is about the eternal struggle of mankind; we’re condemned to live facing our evil side, which dwells in every one of us. We are like tied to the ground, forced in chains that can’t be broken, so the man in the cover is representing all humanity and its eternal agony, knowing that it’s almost impossible to liberate ourselves from the obscurity of our nature. Unless we decide to admit to ourselves who we are and face our doom, that would be the only way to free our kind and rise to an higher conscience, someday.”

The album will no doubt be absolutely punishing in true Fleshgod fashion, combining brutal technical death metal with maddening symphonic elements. Their Nuclear Blast debut Agony will be out August 9th.

– JR


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