The Chariot‘s last video, for the track “David de la Hoz,” was so fantastically original and well executed that any follow up was going to be hard to top. Unfortunately, they went their usual route of live footage with the studio recording over the top, for Long Live‘s first track, “Evan Perks” – not to say that this is bad in any way, but it’s old hat now. They are indeed awesome live, but even this doesn’t quite capture it I don’t think.


The footage is from shows on their most recent Australian run. From this alone it looks fairly fun, but when you place it next to the video where they got shut down for knocking over some fucking pears, and subsequently played the rest of the show at some dude’s house, partially on his roof, well, you’re in a different league really aren’t you?

The track’s all right, anyway, but it makes a lot more sense in the context of the whole album, and it’s not likely to win over any non-connoiseurs. This might though:


Either way, Long Live‘s been out for a while, and we reviewed it here. It’s awesome – in fact, I’m going to bang it on now.

– CG

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