It may be nothing new to anyone here that Suicide Silence and their breed of deathcore angst hate is the reincarnation of the pissed off nu-metal sound, but when I saw the lyric video for their new song “Fuck Everything,” it became abundantly clear and official. This is it folks.

The angsty “fuck it all/fuck this world/fuck everything that you stand for” attitude of the 90’s has since gained a heavier musical footing, at least… but to be honest, I’d much rather listen to Slipknot. The song sounds pretty uninspired and the lyrics are pretty awkward in that 8th grade poetry slam sort of way. It’s just so bad in so many ways. I think I’ll go put on Slipknot now and trip on that sweet nostalgia instead.

Suicide Silence’s new album The Black Crown will be out July 12th on Century Media. ‘Yay’.

– JR

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