OVER NINE THOUSA—!!! Well, not quite that many actually, but this is a ball-rippingly huge milestone for us nevertheless – despite the knowing nods and cutesy cooing I can hear coming from some of our older brethren.

We actually hit out second birthday just over a month ago, so it’s kind of fitting. That said, we posted fuck-all for the first seven months or so of our existence, but now look at us – no fewer than twelve posts today alone!

2011 has been really kind to us so far. We’re currently averaging around 80,000 views per month which is absolutely fantastic. We hope that’s an indicator that you’ve been enjoying what we do, and that you’ll stick with us in the months to come – whatever happens!

We have actually got some exciting things in the works, but we can’t talk too much about them yet, so instead I’m going to wave my arms around wildly and point you towards our big competition this week, in which there are five copies of The Matador‘s brilliant Descent Into The Maelstrom plus a t-shirt up for grabs!

I've been looking for a chance to use this for ages

Once again, thanks from us all – Jimmy, Chris and the rest of the classy chaps at Heavy Blog.

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