Well, we said you’re not ready for this week’s releases, but in an effort to make you slightly ready we’ve discovered that AOL are streaming BOTH of Devin Townsend’s new albums, the fiery and expansive Deconstruction, and the gentle and atmospheric Ghost. Jimmy and Gunnar took the monumental task of reviewing these, erm…monumental…releases a couple of weeks ago, and you’ll be pleased to know they they are both pretty damn incredible.

It’s safe to say that this is probably the release event of the year; every man and his dog will have been slathering over the prospect of these, and they’re finally here. If you have managed to keep yourself pure and steer clear of the torrents then this is your first legitimate chance to hear these spectacular releases before they are unleashed upon the world tomorrow.

Catch Deconstruction here, and Ghost here (they may have moved by the time you read this, as AOL moves the CDs around after a while – just spin the Listening Party tab around until you find them). WHEN you like what you hear, go and buy them, because they are literally fucking game changers.

– CG

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