Either that, or Sumerian treat their artists VERY well, because this is a sweet-ass house.

Yes, for some reason I am failing to see, progressive deathcore sextet Born of Osiris have spoofed (although not really – it’s pretty much a carbon copy isn’t it?) MTV Cribs and in this video they show you around their a) massive and b) exceedingly plush pad out in Illinois.


Now, my first though was to call shenanigans that this house was even theirs, but that was probably Born of Jealousy (geddit?), and I guess it’s possible; I mean I don’t know what rent’s like over there, but when you’re scrabbling around for £850+ a month for a studio flat in London you kind of lose perspective, you know?

Either way, it’s pretty rad, and if they do indeed live there then I am fairly envious. I say fairly envious, because although the big TVs and custom mom-made dining room chairs are nice, all they seem to do is get high, play music and play video games – every 18-25 year-old male’s dream I know, but I’d get pretty bored of it after a while. I guess the touring would cut time spent doing that considerably, but considering stories I’ve heard from their tour van, I’m not sure that’s a better alternative…

Anyway, it’s a painless way to kill eleven minutes if you’re bored, and there’s a bit of rehearsal footage to round off the footage. I haven’t been able to get into their latest album The Discovery myself, but Jimmy and Peter swear by it, so you should probably give it a shot if you know what’s good for you.

– CG

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