Wow! I mean I know the legendary Travis Barker of, like, my favourite band EVER Blink 182 does this, but it’s still impressive nonetheless!

I wonder how often he had to practi–erm, wait a minute, something’s not right here…

Hahaaaaaa. No, that wasn’t funny, I’m sorry. Talk about a roundabout way of telling you that Buffalo’s own metalcore raconteurs Every Time I Die are working on new material, and have posted some footage of drummer Ryan Leger at work. I’m always excited for news about these guys – they manage to keep metal fun, whilst not sucking the fecal matter from 10,000 crusty anuses (anui?). Hopefully we’ll be getting some more concrete news about the release soon, but until then, watch one of my favourite mashups ever, which involves ETID and an early Norma Jean song.


If you’ve read down this far, well done – your reward is this tidbit: we’ll be featuring both of these bands (but funnily enough NOT Blink 182) in a special metalcore-themed list soon! Keep your beady eyes peeled.

– CG

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