Full disclosure: I haven’t been keeping up with Trivium. Haven’t cared in years, even. When I was 16, I foolishly thought they were the second coming of Metallica. We all make mistakes. I still hold Ascendancy to be one of the greatest albums in the genre of metalcore (I know, BOAT RUDDER STRANGE MOUNTAIN and all that), but I just don’t care about anything else they’ve done — especially their new song “In Waves,” which is essentially the laziest song they’ve ever written.

That said, I agree with good ol’ uncle Axl at Metalsucks; their new album art is pretty damn sweet.

Apparently, they’ve also got a new video that debuted over at Alt-Press, which Axl says is pretty neat as well. Unfortunately, I can’t watch it because my computer’s fan is busted and my computer will overheat if I do anything super-strenuous, like anything other than this. I’ll just take his word for it. It’s embedded after the jump with the tracklist.

01 – “Capsizing The Sea”
02 – “In Waves”
03 – “Inception Of The End”
04 – “Watch The World Burn”
05 – “Dusk Dismantled”
06 – “Black”
07 – “Built To Fall”
08 – “Caustic Are the Ties That Bind”
09 – “A Skyline’s Severance”
10 – “Forsake Not The Dream”
11 – “Chaos Reigns”
12 – “Of All These Yesterdays”
13 – “Leaving This World Behind”

Trivium’s In Waves is due out August 9th on Roadrunner Records.

– JR


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