I swear, I must be the only one that hasn’t been riding on Revocation‘s nuts! I mean, I do a lot of nut riding on Heavy Blog and I’m not saying Revocation don’t deserve the praise (because they certainly do!), but I found their debut album Existence is Futile to be hit and miss. Not sure why, really; it’s just one of those cruel things. Why can’t I enjoy things?!


But I do enjoy the band’s new song “No Funeral” quite a bit, which is being streamed via Guitar World. The song is quite striking and filled with more of the insane guitar work that the band are known for. Give it a listen above.

Revocation’s new album Chaos of Forms is due out August 16th on Relapse Records. Needless to say, I’m going to have to try harder on my part!

– JR

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