Intensus has got to be the cacophonous return of the mathcore aesthetic. I mean, how many mathcore bands other than Dillinger Escape Plan are still out there doing it and are getting this kind of attention? As far as I’m concerned, the mathcore trend sort of died out not long after The Number Twelve Looks Like You broke up it seems. It’s nice to see the insane, yet high brow noise reach my ears again.

Intensus is the project of Knife The Glitter‘s Eli Litwin, who performs all of the instrumentation on the album—totally improvised on the spot, mind you—with prominent vocalists taking guest spots throughout the album. Two of the tracks feature Heavy Blog favorite Tommy Rogers from Between the Buried and Me. Last month, I interviewed Tommy and I asked him about his guest spot on the Intensus record:

And then you’ve also got two songs you’ve recorded with Intensus, right?

Mmhm. Yeah, that was… that was a really fun project, because it was just so… so intense. I know it’s cliche to say, but it really is! I mean, I’ve known that guy for a little while and when he sent me that music, I was just like, “…how the hell am I gonna write vocals to this?!” It’s just crazy… and a lot of his stuff was just improv, so I took that same approach. I listened to it and I was like, “yeah, I’ll do it, but I don’t wanna write anything to it,” you know? I just took it to the studio and wrote lyrics and vocals on the spot, and it was just… crazy.

Yeah, it sounded like Anaal Nathrakh…

Yeah, I just wanted to make it as gnarly and as brutal as possible.

Gnarly and brutal, it is! It’s not for everyone, as it’s basically free-form chaos, but if this sounds like your kind of thing, you can stream the new song, “Outlast Robinsum” over at Metalsucks. Intensus is out July 5th on Metal Blade. You can hear another track featuring Robert Meadows (A Life Once Lost) and grab a preorder over here.

– JR


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