Within the Ruins


01. Controller

02. Infamy

03. Carry On Wayward Son (Kansas Cover)

04. Fight Fire With Fire (Metallica Cover)

[Victory Records]

Within the Ruins must be a band full of hardworking guys. They came out with their phenomenal debut album Creature in 2009, and they followed it up with the great Invade in 2010. Of course, they’re not taking this year off. This time they’re releasing an EP with 2 original songs and 2 covers. As usual, it’s produced by the band themselves, and it carries that familiar Within the Ruins sound.

Interestingly, they keep one-upping themselves. The songs on Invade were much better-produced and better-written than Creature, and the same applies for Omen. “Controller” is a crazy fast song with many Within the Ruins tropes, the Beethovenesque riffs, badass vocals, great drumming and a crushing breakdown. Interestingly, the vocalist also uses a few different screeching techniques that add a bit of diversity to the song. When I first listened to the EP, I thought this would be my new favorite WtR song.

Until I heard “Infamy”, that is. This song is even better, with a more diverse sound, quite a few amazing melodic breaks, a more progressive and technical song structure, and quite a few surprises overall. It definitely sounds like WtR, but it’s also very fresh. It’s definitely phenomenal. The production on the EP is also ebtter than Invade, it’s more crushing and even clearer, which is always a good thing.

As for the covers, the Kansas cover is a bit boring. It doesn’t feel too much like WtR, and they didn’t change the structure of the song or its speed too much, which doesn’t go well with the two insane tracks that come before it. To their credit, they’ve added a pretty flashy breakdown section, but it’s not enough to save the song. I still like this track anyway, but that’s more due to me being a huge Supernatural fan. As for the Metallica cover, it’s also odd in its own way. It’s uncharacteristically thrashy for WtR, and the song is a bit bland in itself. The cover isn’t bad, it’s just that it’s completely unfitting for the style of the band.

Even though the two covers (which are half of the EP) are quite lackluster, the two new songs are the best two songs the band has written, so this EP is definitely worth a listen, just treat this like a 2-track EP. If anything, it made me look forward to their next release, which is bound to be amazing.

Within the Ruins – Omen gets…


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