Although not a reknowned musician (as far as I know), which is usually the case with this sad kind of news, Mario Comesanas was as important to the metal world as any band member.

‘Full Metal Mario’ was a DJ for Liquid Metal Sirius XM, the popular satellite radio station for metal lovers everywhere, based in New York. Now, Jimmy is way more familiar with these guys than I am, but a number of times I’ve heard him speak about the virtues of this particular station, and I’m sure he must have heard one of Mario’s shows at one point or another.

Unfortunately Mario passed away last night in New Jersey. It’s unconfirmed, but allegedly it was due to a rare form of leukemia, and was fairly sudden. He was only 30, and engaged. So sad.

Our hearts go out to his family, friends, and everyone who listened to and enjoyed his shows. A much more comprehensive tribute has been put together by Horns Up Rocks here.

Damn; two for two this week. Keep safe everyone, okay?

– CG


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