Honestly, I have no real idea of what to say here. I mean the infamous Seth Putnam seemed like a guy who spent his entire life trying to get closer to death; with Anal Cunt he insulted anything and everything, he gave us a fairly comprehensive list of things that were ‘gay’ (including windchimes, Limp Bizkit, recycling, Anal Cunt fans and especially you) and he even lapsed into a coma after a suicide attempt in 2004. Despite this turn of events, Putnam still went on to perform ‘You’re In A Coma‘ and stated that being in a coma was ‘just as gay as the song I wrote’.

Putnam clearly had no boundaries but he represented something important in a music scene that essentially prides itself on pushing the envelope in every way. No one was safe from his scathing attacks and he seemed to thrive on pushing peoples buttons, but Putnam managed to make a respectable 15 year career out of it — a career that was as hilarious as it was sickening. He even collaborated with some great bands and musicians along the way such as Scott Hull, Eyehategod and even Pantera. Whether he really believed in what he was saying or it was all one big joke is left unanswered, but to the man who gave away a picture of him getting a blowjob while shooting up on heroin with the first 100 copies of his latest album:


Fuck you Seth Putnam.

May you rest in peace.

Hit up GG Allin in the the afterlife, you guys would probably get along.

On a more serious note, Seth Putnam left this world leaving behind friends and family. Regardless of your personal opinion of him, he was as human as you or I and so my condolences go out to them. Plus, he would have wanted people to talk shit about him, so do you really want to fall into that trap? While you decide, here’s “Recycling Is Gay” from I Like It When U Die:


– DL

[Editor’s note: Be sure to check out Seth’s Twitter page. If you can take a joke, it is the funniest thing you’ll read today. It’s a shame these obscene tirades are at an end. I’d wish him to rest in peace, but he’d probably call me a faggot for doing so; so enjoy the dirt nap, dickwad. – JR]

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