One of our favourite metal sites (besides ourselves, obviously), Lambgoat, have landed the premiere for Californian deathcore quintet All Shall Perish‘s new track “Procession of Ashes“, which will feature on their upcoming album This Is Where It Ends.

We’ve got some division around the Heavy Blog campfire. Last summer, Jimmy named their 2008 album Awaken the Dreamers as the top reason why deathcore is actually redeemable, and not completely full of horseshit. There are elements of Awaken the Dreamers, but Jimmy and Pete aren’t too convinced I don’t think. I haven’t yet formed an opinion, but then again the genre isn’t particularly my bag, and I’m mostly filling a hole here whilst His Lordship holds ice to his face.

So; wha’tchoo lot think?

This Is Where It Ends is out Nuclear Blast on July 26th, and the band will be part of this summer’s Mayhem Fest (vague dates here thanks to Unearth).

– CG


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