Children of Bodom are a hit or miss with me. There are times when I can dig their material and times where I just wish they’d go away. Still, I’ll always have a small margin of deep rooted respect for melo-death artists because it was the first genre of metal I got into (unless you count nu metal). Anyway, the guys over at MetalSucks premiered the music video for their song “Roundtrip To Hell And Back.” To save you an extra click, you can check it out right here:


[vimeo 24583294 w=400 h=228]


While the song itself isn’t very exciting, I have to agree with the guys at MetalSucks on the cinematography. It’s great. You actually get to enjoy the band playing live instead of the typical spastic editing and post-production stylized visual masturbation. Solid video for what it is!

Relentless Reckless Forever is out now on Roadrunner. Make sure to read what fellow writer J Bobski thought about it!



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