As in, I wonder how long it will be before Victory learns that the vast majority of the bands they sign are crap.  Gone are the golden days of Snapcase, Integrity, and Between the Buried and Me. Today is the day of atrocious bands like Design the Skyline, Emmure, Dr. Acula, and the band this post is about: The Bunny The Bear.

This band is contemptible. I’ve always never liked gimmicks, and the fact that their gimmick is in their name and masks irritates me in places nobody should be irritated. Also, the singer has the worst vibrato ever, their harsh vocalist has very poor yells, and the music is trashy, overused techno-crab rock.  They basically are a pop band with harsh vocals.  You know a band is immature when one of their songs is titled “It’s a Long Way From the Esophagus to the Ovaries”.  Lovely. The video below proves all the aforementioned.


It’s a real shame that the two good bands Victory has (Wretched, Within the Ruins) don’t have good backup, and I’ve given up hope of Victory ever rectifying this. If you are a masochist or somehow have any interest in this band, you can listen to the sampler below and a video of their pre-Victory days.



For those who care, their album If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say… is released June 28th.  Yes, TBTB, I said some things that are not nice. Get over it.

– GR

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