Well of of course you did, you bunch of elitist hipster douchebags.

I keed, I keed! Still, based on our own poll, a lot of you thought #25 – #2 were fairly off the mark, in terms of order if not inclusion. I’m not sure what you thought of the #1 – David ‘David Davidson’ Davidson of Revocation (not Kirk Hammet, for those of you who got trolled) – but I’m sure many of you will have disagreed.

Ever the diplomatic advocates, V-Man and Rosie are giving YOU bunch of dirty dicksneezes the chance to put the internets to rights by voting on the reader’s poll version, the rules of which are as follows:

Step 1) Decide who your favorite modern metal guitarist is. Remember that only candidates who have recorded and released new material within the past five years are eligible.

Step 2) Search the comments of this post for your choice (Apple-F on a Mac, Control-F on a PC).

Step 3) If your favorite modern metal guitarist is already listed, hit the “reply” button underneath and simply post “+1″ as your comment. If your favorite modern metal guitaristis not listed yet, add him, making sure you that you’ve spelled his name correctly.

You only get one vote, so use yours wisely. I’ve cast mine (see if you can find it – remember, that’s ‘Disinformasiya’ with a capital ‘D’ and a ‘y’ in Asia), and now it’s your turn. Don’t forget to troll those who didn’t read the rules by leaving them a disparaging comment – it is the proper etiquette after all.

– CG



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