You know how we talk incessantly about Vestascension? You know, with the brand new free track every month, and the monthly column from guitarist Justin Gosnell?

Well, you know what? There are other members too – and although it’s taken me a while, one of them has certainly caught my attention.

Vocalist Mike Semesky’s other band is Ordinance, currently a four-piece progressive death metal band based in Frederick, Maryland. I don’t have much of a frame of reference as far as death metal goes, but it’s got something a little different as far as I can see, in so far as Semesky utilises both his awesome clean vocals (something I’m all for in most forms of heavy music) and some pretty gnarly death growls, which surprised me considering the obscene amount of vaginas it takes to make a Vestascension track.

Unfortunately we’ve got nothing available to embed here (sort it out, guys!), but they have a couple of tunes worth checking out on their Facebook page here.

If them’s your thing, their debut album Internal Monologues is due out this summer!

– CG


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