Thousands are lovely. A fair number of bands out there take the time to e-mail us to ask about promoting their music, but when you receive a message as nice as the one from guitarist Omar Kazmi, you sit up and take notice. Yes, arse-kissing works on us. No, merely sending us a link and telling us to review it does not.

Back to Thousands: they’ve been around for a couple of years, but by their own admission, “never put too much effort into having an internet presence” – but the trade-off in this being that they’ve worked super hard on the material, and it shows.

They’re something a little bit different. Comparisons have been drawn to Russian Circles and Don Caballero, and I hear that, but it’s clear this trio of intrepid Bostonians have crafted their material carefully. Brandon Phillips and John Tucker provide a solid, interesting post-metal-esque rhythm section, allowing Omar free reign to noodle over the top.

Better that you give them a listen to be honest. Oh, what’s that? Free EP through Bandcamp? Well, don’t mind if I do.

– CG


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