Anyone paying close enough attention to my favourite tunes of 2001 so far will have found a little gem in there by the name of The Matador. This was a bit cheeky of me – I’ve sort of been hoarding them to myself, but I know that a few of you picked up on it, and I feel like now is as good a time as any to catch up the rest of you window lickers.

The Matador are an Australian post-metal band from Gold Coast (near Brisbane) who have just recently put out their debut EP Descent Into The Maelstrom. I won’t go into too much detail now, as we’ve got a full review scheduled for later in the week, but it’s a brooding, Poe-inspired slice of slow-rolling riffs, beautiful organic high notes, and and absolutely kick-ass vocalist (who also designed the fantastic cover art for the EP).

The guys sent me this video of them playing closer “Vurt” last Thursday and it made me really glad to see that they can do all of it live – it sounds just as haunting, it pummels just as hard, and it’s actually a really good recording too! Good job guys.


The band are also purportedly following the Vestascension business model (in their own fashion, of course), so expect some exciting and worthwhile things from them soon.

Make sure to pick up the EP from their bandcamp here, follow them on Facebook here, and catch them live if you possibly can!

– CG

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