Hospital Carnage

01. Open Heart Butchery
02. Traumaggedon
03. Resuscitation Manoeuvres
04. Flesh-Devouring Pandemia
05. Fomite Fetish
06. Amputation Protocol
07. 911 (Emergency Slaughter)
08. Doctors Of Malpractice
09. Tumour Donor
10. Hospital Thieves
11. Splatter Nurse
12. Hypochondriac
13. Ingreso Cadaver
14. Necronatology
15. Intravenous Molestation Of Obstructionist Ateries (O-Pus VI)

Relapse Records

I have already quite easily come to terms with the fact that there will never be a new Carcass album, and even if there is it will never sound that much like Necroticism – Descanting The Insalubrious. So, in terms of the legions of bands that emulate that style, I’m quite happy to have them around – the most prominent perpetrators of gore being the triumvirate of The County Medical Examiners, General Surgery and finally, one of the greatest bands to ever emerge from Spain, Haemorrhage. It’s hard to attempt to rate the music of these bands as they were never attempting to do anything new, just recreate a great sound, so how do you rate them? In terms of how well they imitate them or just how good the record is?

Well Hospital Carnage is no disappointment in either compartment. Take that aforementioned Carcass sound, sprinkle in just a little punk to get that alternate reality where Jeff Walker could never let go of the Electro Hippies sound, and that’s essentially where this record lies. “Open Heart Butchery” oozes straight out of the speakers, blood soaked and flailing, by keeping things strictly mid-tempo but still heavy. “Traumaggedon” immediately follows up with some brilliant headstrong grind riffs and d-beat drumming, and “Flesh-Devouring Pandemia” is one of the catchiest goregrind songs I’ve ever heard. Of course, with fifteen tracks here, there are a couple that slip by unnoticed (most notably “Hypochondriac“, I probably couldn’t tell you a single thing about that song) and the quality does vary noticeably, but for the majority of this record Haemorrhage are firing on all cylinders.

It’s also unfortunate that Hospital Carnage is marred a little by one of my biggest pet peeves in goregrind; the need to be so brutal that it comes across as comical. Now bear with me here: I love brutal metal in all its forms, and I understand that the majority of its over the top nature is essentially tongue in cheek, but what annoys me about this record is some of the ridiculous noises that vocalist Fernando Errazquin comes out with. I completely understand that he wants to sound as brutal and sickening as possible, but please, things like the throat clearing/choking sounds have to stop. They don’t sound brutal, they don’t make it heavy, to be honest, they’re not even funny; they’re just annoying.

Pointless childish rants aside, the real stand out component here is most definitely the riffs. Both Luisma and Ana Belen de Lopez never overcomplicate things; they seem to straddle that line between being entirely primitive and still being engaging, much like say Regurgitate or Impaled. Especially the solos; there are just not enough. “Flesh-Devouring Pandemia” is the stand out song for me just because of the Zombie-Mustaine-On-Downers style solo it contains; it’s melodic without veering into the clichéd melo-death sound, and it’s simplistic without being boring. What more could you ask for?

So there you have it – an album with no real surprises. Entirely interchangeable with previous full length Apology For Pathology, but I really wouldn’t expect any less from Haemorrhage. The bottom line is this: previous fans have another pool of putrid gore to immerse themselves in, and unfortunately I doubt many others will care. If you’re looking for an entry into the acquired taste that is goregrind then you can’t go wrong with Hospital Carnage, and at the very least Haemorrhage deserve some more recognition for over 15 years of service to the scene.

Haemorrhage’s Hospital Carnage gets:


– DL

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