Remember Corelia? Formerly Corellia, but changed due to legal reasons?

I remember us being pretty impressed, and then I listened to their new track “Treetops,” and I remembered why!

Treetops by Corelia

It’s been a while since I read anything about or heard anything from them about their debut album Nostalgia, but it seems they have indeed been busy. In a recent update on the forums, guitarist Chris Dower revealed they’ve been taking their time to make sure everything is ready before announcing a release date.

The astute djentlemen amongst you may have noticed what commenter NotGoingViral clearly has – Spencer Sotelo of Periphery. Apparently he used to be their singer, and whether or not this will make the final cut I don’t know, but I would assume so – it’s an awesome cameo (if you like him, which Jimmy and I certainly do).

Dower also mentioned a tentative tracklisting, which has changed in recent months, so this order is speculative, but:

01. Treetops
02. Aviation
03. The Sound of Glaciers Moving
04. Red Sky Harbor
05. Glass Faces
06. Mute Swan
07. Blood Petals

Keep up to date with happenings on their Facebook page, which includes a link to a number of tabs. Sweet!

– CG


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