Haunted Shores, brainchild of guitar wizard Mark Holcomb with production duties handled by Misha Mansor of Periphery, posted an update on Wednesday that we unfortunately missed, but was picked up by our good friends at Got-Djent.com, in which Mark enlightens us on the recent silence from the HS camp.

You might remember the split EP Haunted Shores released with Cyclamen just over a year ago, which featured ex-Periphery vocalist Chris Baretto. Baretto has since moved on, and the original plan was to use a different vocalist for each track on the upcoming album, but apparently things have changed on that front:

Greetings everyone,

Mark here – just wanted to give a quick update on the current state of Haunted Shores and mainly why you haven’t heard anything from us in the past couple months. For a period of time recording of the debut full-length was halted completely; the reason for this being that we’ve been on a bit of a hiatus for the past several months – Misha has been 100% tied up with multiple Periphery tours and recording and has had basically zero time for anything else, and I have been going through some personal issues in my life which I’d rather not discuss at this point. I ask that you please leave it that but respectfully understand that these issues are outside of anything HS-related. I’d also like to thank any and all of you for your patience with the waiting. Oh, the waiting. I do feel very bad for prolonging the wait so long – and I’m incredibly grateful to all of you who still listen to the songs after all this.

As part of this update, I’d also like to mention that we’ve chosen to narrow the scope of our original idea of having a ton of singers featured on the album. Originally we planned to have a different singer for each song – but I’ve learned that logstically, this is a very difficult thing to accomplish, especially when you’re working with singers who have lives, careers, schedules and bands of their own to prioritize. It was a novel idea and something that still interests me greatly from a creative standpoint, but for the sake of simplicity and keeping consistency in the music I’ve decided that the original intention was a bit overly ambitious, at least at this point in time. We’ll have to assess the situation regarding singers – we may only feature several singers on the album, or maybe have one primary singer and have a couple guest vocalists contribute to certain songs. We’ve got a bit to think about, but we’ll update you guys when we know! This break we’ve been on will more than likely continue for the summer, as will most work on the new album. Although our full-length debut is being pushed back indefinitely, we still plan on posting songs/clips intermittently over the coming weeks/months for fun, just on a casual basis for the near future.

Thank you all for your extreme patience – sorry again for the lack of communication over the recent months. We’re by no means going away – just taking a bit of a step back to focus on other things for the time being

Many thanks for your patience and understanding!

Mark Holcomb & Misha Mansoor

So in short; it’s coming, but be patient. I know I’m looking forward to it, so we’ll keep you updated as and when we hear anything!

– CG


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