A new August Burns Red track was released a few days ago, and the fact that I forgot to notice this new development is a travesty.  This track, entitled “Internal Cannon”, shows a softer, experimental side to ABR, with two clean guitar sections, including a clean guitar solo in one, and both includes some very unique drums from Matt Greiner.  The song also continues the trend with providing anthemic parts to the song.  Check the middle of the part for some “stand up and scream with them”.   Also, I think that the guitar solo is awesome and takes the song to a new height.


Personally, from what I’ve heard, I think Leveler will definitely become a new peak of August Burns Red career, and I can’t wait to hear it.  Luckily, there isn’t much longer to wait, as the record comes out June 20th on Solid State Records.

You can hear the other released tune, “Empire“, below!

– GR



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