Good ol’ Facebook, a site that has become the main stomping ground for an endless amount of bands to check out and listen too. Even better, if they happen to tickle your fancy, you might just feel compelled to click that “Like” button and not only show your appreciation for said band, but have the chance to interact and get up to date news from actual members of the band. Well, that appears to be the case with Losing Skin, a metallic hardcore band based out of Spokane, WA, who formed in May of 2009 and feature former members of Behold and Whalelimb.

Losing Skin

I came across their album Old Wounds on a music blog, decided to check it out, liked what I heard and proceeded to search for them on Facebook. Their sound resembles that of Integrity, Rise and Fall and NAILS, so I was pretty much hooked right away. Not only does the album sound great, but it’s absolutely free to download on their Bandcamp page! Now that’s pretty killer!

Oh and for you vinyl nuts, they will also be releasing a one-time pressing of 100 copies of their album Old Wounds on vinyl in July. No other details have been posted, so be sure to keep checking their Facebook page for more information. Click the image below to hear some gnarly tunage…

Losing Skin - Old Wounds



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