Death metal darlings The Black Dahlia Murder have released another song off their highly-anticipated album, Ritual, entitled “Malenchanments of the Necrosphere”. The song absolutely ignores past TBDM tendencies by ridding themselves of melodious guitar lines and constant blast beat drumming.  This song is a full out aural-assault that is definitely new territory for TBDM fans to travel.  The first half of the song hardly resembles anything that they have ever done, and this revolution is not only needed, but will certainly well-received.  The second half shows the band going back to their melodic side, but bringing 7/8 time into the fold, showing a wonderful progressive side to them.  I think it’s safe to say that, going by what the 3 songs have shown us, that a revolution is at hand at TBDM camp.  And I dare say, it will surpass everything they’ve ever done.

Ritual is released June 21st in North America and June 17/20 in Europe.


After the jump, two tunes released for your listening pleasure.



– GR


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